ATTENTION U.S. CITIZENS – All tours can be categorized as ‘people to people’ and are priced in Canadian dollars (except Summer tours).  These tours are a real deal for Americans wishing to experience the REAL Cuba.  You will never have a better guided tour of Cuba at any price than you will with Cuba1tours. Take a minute to view all of the specially designed tours here. Hope you will join us for a once in a lifetime tour of Cuba..

Cuba1tours offers the unique opportunity to spend time with the Cuban people, experiencing their art, music and lives. Tom Robertson, who heads up Cuba1Tours, has visited the country more than 100 times and understands the nature of Cuba and Cubans. Whether you’re biking, touring or exploring the out of the way locations, Tom and his excellent Cuban guides know how to get the most from your experience in Cuba.  If you have always wanted to visit Cuba, but want more than a beach vacation, Cuba1tours offers a variety of different packages to suit the interests of almost anyone and you will travel in the comfort and safety with one of Cuba’s best established tour companies. Before choosing any other tour company, compare the quality and price of Cuba1Tours and you will discover they offer the best.  Ask about personally designed group tours.


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After many years of taking visitors to this enchanted island, Cuba1Tours is committed to showing people the real Cuba. We celebrate the country’s natural beauty, its beaches and its lush flora and fauna. We are looking forward to showing you this wonderful country while it still remains unique.

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CENTRAL/WEST BEACH/SIGHTSEEING TOUR:  This central west tour will follow most of the route which has made my Central/West Discover Cuba tour so popular for so many years. I have made some changes to allow for a more leisurely and pleasant tour, but have tried not to compromise the quality and will still include the personal contact and excursions which are so special to all my programs.

Eastern Cuba

EASTERN CUBA  Similar to the Central/ West Cuba tour, you will receive the best introduction to Cuba available. The tour begins with time to relax and enjoy the amenities of a beautiful all inclusive resort on the golden shores of the Atlantic before heading off on a fully guided excursion of the eastern region of the island.

East to West


This 15 day tour has been designed to offer you a chance to visit many of the most important areas of Cuba.  The tour will begin in Holguin, for its convenience and will end in Varadero where you will fly home from.

Garden Cultural Tour

The aim of this tour is to get you exposed to the plants and gardens of Cuba, while offering you a look at the history, culture, and people of this island. In each location we go to you will have time to fully explore the organic revolution of Cuba and each place we visit will have a local guide familiar with the plants and gardening techniques,


This 8 day tour is geared towards US citizens wanting to experience Cuba beyond the frequently visited areas.

This 8 Day tour will have you wanting to experience more of the REAL, off the beaten path, Cuba and Cuba1tours has been providing this small group service to all parts of the island since 1994.